Emily Rice

Emily Rice

Auckland, New Zealand

Joined Aug 27, 2015


Emily Rice

Auckland, New Zealand

Genre: Jazz/Soul/Folk

Joined Aug 27, 2017

Emily Rice is a New Zealand songwriter, composer and vocalist currently abroad, joined with music and paper in hand. With her mesmerising melodies and abstract arrangements, Emily likes to paint pictures with her songs, with her deep sense of imagination and descriptive imagery in her words and vocal lines. Her music has a deeply transformative quality to it - blending the multiple genres, styles and influences she takes in. Emily likes nothing more than to invite others into her music, whether through collaboration or through engagement with her audience.


5 Oct, 2015

Introducing... MO ...

Introducing... MOAB! Thank you from the bottom of my heartttttt NZ on Air and The Audience for the funding, Rollberg Film for the incredibly rad visual to accompany the song, and to YOU GUYS for the support! Weeeehehehehehehehe x

29 Sep, 2015

MOAB Music Video! ...

Only a few more days till my music video for MOAB come's out! been the raddest project to be part of with the Rollberg film team in Berlin! October 3rd- "open your eyes" friends- it's coming! x https://play.spotify.com/track/5cMKigGv9ruztgmEqNYrF5

28 Aug, 2015

A Little Salt EP

Recording is complete! Now for the mixing and mastering and then it's TIME!
Meanwhile- here's a little glimpse of what went on in the studio! And what this EP is about!http://www.emilyrice.co.nz/blog/the-making-of-a-little-salt-ep-2